At the Annual General Meeting held on 18th February, 2020, a brand new Committee took the helm of Kucom Theatre:

President: Joe Clutterbuck

Vice President: Bronwyn Grannall

Treasurer: Tessa King

Secretary: Carolyn Roche

Committee members:

Maureen Coleman
Georgia Rogers
Monica Stewart-McLean

We were looking forward to a productive and entertaining year, which we managed to achieve in part despite the coronavirus.




The 2020 Kucom Committee, from left, standing:

Carolyn Roche (Secretary); Tessa King (Treasurer); Maureen Coleman; Georgia Rogers; Cr Kevin Casey (Patron)

Seated: Joe Clutterbuck (President); Bronwyn Grannall (Vice President)


Watch this space! The 2021 Kucom AGM is scheduled for Tuesday 23 March.

Memberships are now open for the coming year - download your membership application form here.











In September this year we were delighted to announce that Mayor Greg Williamson has accepted our invitation to become Kucom Theatre's new Patron. Mayor Williamson has already shown us his support in many ways, and we look forward to having him on board with us to share our journey. Mayor Williamson's appointment will be formally ratified at the Kucom Annual General Meeting early in the new year.


We would also like to take this opportunity to say a warm thank you to former Councillor Kevin Casey, who has worked tirelessly on our behalf over the past eight years and is now looking forward to enjoying a well-earned retirement.


It  was a bit dark at Kucom in 2020, thanks to the coronavirus, but we did manage to stage a season of one-act plays earlier in the year, followed by a pantomime (Cinderella's Halloween Adventure) in October and a comedy (First Things First) in November.


The Committee is looking forward to an exciting lineup for 2021, including a season of one-act plays in February, and two comedies: Big Bad Mouse, directed by Geoff Stewart-McLean, to be staged in April; and Five Women Wearing the Same Dress, directed by Luana Royle, which is planned to be part of the 2021 Mackay Festival of Arts in July.

A proposal for a fourth production in October or November is now under consideration.


Club Nights were put on hold for the year, but we managed to squeeze one in just in time for Christmas, on Saturday 12 December.
It was a great success, as you will see from the photos on our Facebook page.
More Club Nights will be coming up in the New Year.