This list of titles is in alphabetical order and is a work in progress (over 200 and still counting) as well as something of a magical mystery tour, with links to photographs, reviews, previews, advertisements, newspaper clippings and other assorted media.

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A Day in the Death of Joe Egg (Kudos Theatre, date unknown)
A Different Way Home (2005)
A Difficult Birth - in 
Plays at Paxtons (2014)
A Flea in Her Ear (1981)
A Night with David Tristram (2001)
A Pubic Hair by Johnny Depp - in 
Plays at Paxtons (2014)
A Separate Peace - in 
Fragments (1998)
A Streetcar Named Desire (1981)
A Taste of Tudor (1981)
A Toast to Melba (1981)
A Year in the Death of Eddie Jester (2013)
Abelard and Heloise (Kudos Theatre, 1976)
Agnes of God (2008)
Aladdin (2013)
All For Mary (Mackay Community Theatre, 1959)
And So Say All Of Us (1999)
Annie Get Your Gun (Mackay Community Theatre, 1966)
Anything Goes (Mackay Community Theatre, 1975)
Arsenic and Old Lace (Mackay Community Theatre, 1962)
As Good as New - in 
Wot’s Next? (1993)
Barefoot in the Park (Mackay Community Theatre, 1973)
Bazaar and Rummage (2008)
Beautiful Thing (2006)
Bell, Book and Candle (Mackay Community Theatre, 1960)
Billy Liar (Mackay Community Theatre, 1975)
Black Limelight (Mackay Community Theatre, 1959)
Blackrock (2000)
Blithe Spirit (Mackay Community Theatre, 1968)
Blithe Spirit (1995)
Blurred (2007)
Boeing Boeing (Mackay Community Theatre, 1972)
Bonaventure (date unknown)
Boor Hug - in 
Farce to Farce (1990)
Breath of Spring (Mackay Community Theatre, 1961)
Brenton versus Brenton - in 
A Night with David Tristram (2001)
Brilliant  Lies (2011)
Bubbles - in 
This, That and the Other (2002)
Busybody (Mackay Community Theatre, 1971)
Busybody (2001)
By Word of Mouth (Kudos Theatre, 1978)

Bye Bye BIrdie (Mackay Community Theatre, 1972)
Cast Off Five - in 
Wot’s Next? (1993)
Caught in the Net (2015)
Charley’s Aunt (1988)
Chicago (1985)
Chinamen - in 
Law and Disorder (1995)
Cinderella (Mackay Community Theatre, 1966)
Cinderella's Halloween Adventure (2020)

Come Back to the Five and Dime, Jimmy Dean, Jimmy Dean (2012)
Comedienne - in 
II + I = III (1989)
Cosi (2001)
Dark of the Moon (Mackay Community Theatre, 1975)
Dear Delinquent (Mackay Community Theatre, 1962)
Death Trap (1987)
Death in the Limelight (2010)

Death of a Gerbil - in Kaleidoscope (2018)

Dick Whittington (Mackay Community Theatre, 1969)
Disconnections (1997)
Doctor at Sea (Mackay Community Theatre, 1966)
Doctor in the House (Mackay Community Theatre, 1962)
Doctor in the House (1996)
Don’t Just Lie There – Say Something (1989)
Double Image (Mackay Community Theatre, 1973)
Down Came a Jumbuck - in 
Wine, Women and Song (1999)
Duchess on Thursday - in 
Miss-Sell-Any (2003)

Duchess on Thursday - in Kaleidoscope (2018)
Educating Rita (2002)
Fallen Angels (2009)
Farce to Farce (1990)
Farewell Brisbane Ladies (2005)
Fatal Attraction (1997)

First Things First (2020)
Fish, Farce & Femmes (2000)
For Whom the Southern Belle Tolls
- in Triple Treat
Fragments (1998)
From Bed to Worse; or, Wolf’s Clothing (Mackay Community Theatre, 1968)
Fumed Oak (Mackay Community Theatre, 1963)
Garbage - in 
Plays at Paxtons (2014)
George and Margaret (date unknown)
George’s Room - in 
Unexpected Pleasures (1996)
Goodbye Charlie (Mackay Community Theatre, 1969)
Goody Two Shoes (Mackay Community Theatre, 1968)
Gosforth’s Fete - in 
II + I = III (1989)
Greetings (2003)
Habeas Corpus (Kudos Theatre, date unknown)
Half a Sixpence (Mackay Community Theatre, 1972)
Hansel and Gretl (Mackay Community Theatre, 1961)
Hay Fever (Mackay Community Theatre, date unknown – possibly 1950s)
Hay Fever (1994)
Hello Dolly (Mackay Community Theatre, 1971)
Hiss the Villain (Mackay Community Theatre, 1964)
Hotel Paradiso (Kudos Theatre, 1976)

Honey Spot (Mackay Community Theatre, date unknown)
House Guest (1992)
Housekeeper Wanted - in 
Fish, Farce & Femmes (2002)
Husband Murderers Support Group - in 
Random Acts (2007)
I Never Saw Another Butterfly - in 
Triple Treat 2011 
II + I = III (1989)
Il Fornicazione - in 
Wine, Women and Song (1999)
In Good Spirits - in 
Triple Treat 2009
In the Blood - North Queensland Festival of One-Act Plays (2016)

In the Land of the Dragon (1981)
Inherit the Wind (1980)
It’s My Party (And I’ll Die If I Want To) (2010)
Jack and the Canestalk (1997)
Johnny Belinda (Mackay Community Theatre, 1963)
Joining the Club -
in A Night with David Tristram
Kaleidoscope (2018)

Kismet (Mackay Community Theatre, 1966)
Last Panto in Little Grimley in 
A Night with David Tristram (2001)
Laura (Mackay Community Theatre, 1967)
Last Tango in Little Grimley - in 
Sex, Love, and Marriage (1994)
Law and Disorder (1995)
Lee - in 
Triple Treat 2010
Look Back in Anger (Mackay Community Theatre, 1968)
Lord Arthur Savile’s Crime (Mackay Community Theatre, 1967)
Madame Louise (Mackay Community Theatre, 1960)
Mary Mary (Mackay Community Theatre, 1970)
Master Dudley - in 
Three One Act Plays (Mackay Community Theatre, 1961)
May Contain Nuts (2020)

Miss-Sell-Any (2003)
Mixed Doubles - in 
Farce to Farce (1990)
Moby Dick - in 
Fragments (1998)
Move Over, Mrs Markham (Kudos Theatre, 1979)
Murder Mistaken (Mackay Community Theatre, 1961)
My Three Angels (Mackay Community Theatre, 1960)
My Three Angels (1996)
Night Watch (2011)
No Kissing
 - in May Contain Nuts (2020)

No Names … No Pack Drill (2003)
Norman, Is That You? (2004)
Oliver (Mackay Community Theatre, 1974)
On Golden Pond (1988)
Once in a Blue Moon (1994)
One for the Road (2002)
One More River (Mackay Community Theatre, 1964)
Only an Orphan Girl (Mackay Community Theatre, 1963)
Partners (Mackay Community Theatre, 1975)
Pastiche - in 
Miss-Sell-Any (2003)
Plays at Paxtons (2014)
Private Lives (Kudos Theatre, date unknown)
Private Rooms - in 
Three One Act Plays (Mackay Community Theatre, 1961)
Putting Back the Fest - in 
Triple Treat 2009
Pygmalion (Mackay Community Theatre, 1964)
Random Acts (2017)
Revue in Blue (Mackay Community Theatre, 1968)
Ring for Catty (Mackay Community Theatre, 1961)
Romance in A Flat - in 
Farce to Farce (1990)
Room 420
 - in May Contain Nuts (2020)

Rumours (2006)
Run For Your Wife (2014)
Sailor, Beware (Mackay Community Theatre, 1964)
Salt (2003)
Secret Bridesmaids’ Business (2007)
See How They Run (Mackay Community Theatre, 1965)
Seven Nuns at Las Vegas (Mackay Community Theatre, 1968)
Seven Nuns at Las Vegas (1989)
Sex, Love, and Marriage (1994)
Shelter - in 
Fragments (1998)
Shelter / Rattle of a Simple Man (Mackay Community Theatre, 1971)
Shirley Valentine (2005)
Skate (2005)
Something Old, Something New - in 
Triple Treat 2011
Something to Hide? (Mackay Community Theatre, 1970)

Sorry, Wrong Number - in Three One-Act Plays (1994)

Sorry, Wrong Number - North Queensland Festival of One-Act Plays (2016)
Spice-A-New (Mackay Community Theatre, 1971)
Stage Directions - in 
Miss-Sell-Any (2003)
Steel Magnolias (date unknown)
Stop the World, I Want to Get Off! (1983)
Strictly Professional - in 
Triple Treat 2010
Suburban Requiem (Mackay Community Theatre, 1968)
Sugar and Fred (Mackay Community Theatre, 1965)
Sweeney Todd (Kudos Theatre, 1977)
Ten Little Niggers (Mackay Community Theatre, 1962)
The Anniversary (1994)

The Anniversary (2017)
The Bald Prima Donna (Mackay Community Theatre, 1971)
The Bard on Trial - in 
Plays at Paxtons (2014)
The Bridge - in 
Wot’s Next? (1993)
The Carer (2008)
The Cemetery Club (1999)
The Christmas Pudding (1989)
The Claw (Mackay Community Theatre, 1967)
The Creel of Trout - in 
Three One Act Plays (Mackay Community Theatre, 1961)
The Dear Departed - in 
Three One Act Plays (Mackay Community Theatre, 1947)
The Desperate Hours (Mackay Community Theatre, 1964)
The Diary of Anne Frank (1984)
The Diary of Anne Frank (2016)
The Dock Brief - in 
Law and Disorder (1995)
The End of  the Picnic - in 
This, That and the Other (2002)
The Exorcism (2007)
The Extraordinary Revelations of Orca the Goldfish - in 
Fish, Farce & Femmes (2002)
The Facts of Life (Mackay Community Theatre, 1970)
The Fall of the House of Usher - in
Three One-Act Plays (1994)

The Fantasticks (Mackay Community Theatre, 1970)
The Farndale Avenue Housing Estate Townswomen’s Guild Dramatic Society Production of A Christmas Carol (1999)
The Farndale Avenue Housing Estate Townswomen’s Guild Dramatic Society Production of Macbeth (1992)
The Farndale Avenue Housing Estate Townswomen’s Guild Dramatic Society Production of Murder Mystery (1993)
The Farndale Avenue Housing Estate Townswomen’s Guild Amateur Dramatic Society Production of The Mikado (2005)
The Farndale Avenue Housing Estate Townswomen’s Guild Dramatic Society Production of They Came from Mars and Landed Outside the the Farndale Avenue Church Hall in Time for the Townswomen’s Guild Coffee Morning (1997)
The Farndale Avenue Housing Estate Townswomen’s Guild Amateur Dramatic Society Production of We Found Love and an Exquisite Set of Porcelain Figurines Aboard the SS Farndale Avenue (2009)
The Fat Lady Sings in Little Grimley - in 
Triple Treat 2009
The Flesh Game - in Unexpected Pleasures (1996)

The Great Martian War - North Queensland Festival of One-Act Plays (2016)
The Glass Menagerie (Kudos Theatre, 1976)
The Hasty Heart (Mackay Community Theatre, 1958)
The Haunted Through Lounge and Recessed Dining Nook at Farndale Castle (2002)
The Importance of Being Earnest (1989)
The King and I (Mackay Community Theatre, 1965)
The Land of the Christmas Stocking (Mackay Community Theatre, 1976)
The Late Christopher Bean (Mackay Community Theatre, 1947)
The Lion in Winter (2012)
The Little Hut (Mackay Community Theatre, 1963)
The Man (Mackay Community Theatre, 1965)
The Man from Muckinupin (1982)
The Memory of Water (2006)
The Monkey’s Paw - in 
Three One Act Plays (Mackay Community Theatre, 1947)
The Monkey's Paw - in
Three One-Act Plays (1994)

The Monkey’s Paw - in Plays at Paxtons (2014)
The Murder Game (1994)
The Nuptial Bed (Mackay Community Theatre, 1968)
The Odd Couple (1996)
The One Day of the Year (Mackay Community Theatre, 1968)
The One Day of the Year (2015)
The Opposite Sex (1999)
The Perfect Marriage - in 
Disconnections (1997)
The Pigeon with the Silver Foot - in 
Sex, Love, and Marriage (1994)
The Problem - in 
Sex, Love, and Marriage (1994)
The Proposal - in 
Unexpected Pleasures (1996)
The Recognition Scene from Anastasia - in 
II + I = III (1989)
The Recognition Scene from Anastasia - in 
Disconnections (1997)
The Reluctant Debutante (Mackay Community Theatre, 1960)
The Sacred Flame (Mackay Community Theatre, 1956)
The Seagull (date unknown)
The Second Mrs Fraser (date unknown)
The Sentimental Bloke (Mackay Community Theatre, 1970)
The Servant of Two Masters (1979)
The Sex Life of Snails - in 
This, That and the Other (2002)
The Shoe-Horn Sonata (2010)
The Shifting Heart (Mackay Community Theatre, 1965)
The Shifting Heart (2000)
The Shoe-Horn Sonata (2010)
The Slippers of Cinderella (Mackay Community Theatre, 1967)
The Spinsters of Luske - in T
hree One Act Plays (Mackay Community Theatre, 1947)

The Sum of Us (2018)
The Teahouse of the August Moon (Mackay Community Theatre, 1964)
The Thought (a radio play) - in 
Kaleidoscope (2018)
The Traveller’s Table - in Random Acts (2017)
The Vicar of Dibley (2018)

The White Sheep of the Family (Mackay Community Theatre, 1956)
The Zoo Story (1999)
There’s a Girl in My Soup (Mackay Community Theatre, 1973)
This, That and the Other (2002)
Three One Act Plays (Mackay Community Theatre, 1961)
Three One Act Plays (Mackay Community Theatre, 1947)
Toad of Toad Hall (Mackay Community Theatre, 1967)
Too Close for Comfort - in 
Triple Treat 2010
Trap for a Lonely Man (Mackay Community Theatre, 1972)
Trap for a Lonely Man (1993)
Triple Treat 2009
Triple Treat 2010
Triple Treat 2011
Triplets - in 
Fish, Farce & Femmes (2002)

Trivia Night @ Kucom Theatre October 2019
Uncle Vanya (Mackay Community Theatre, 1966)
Unexpected Pleasures (1996)
Veronica’s Room (2004)
Voodoo Drums (Mackay Community Theatre, 1964)
We Must Kill Toni (Mackay Community Theatre, 1961)
What Brutes Men Are - in 
Wine, Women and Song (1999)
What the Butler Saw (1981)
What the Butler Saw (2002)
What’s for Pudding? - in 
Disconnections (1997)
When the Bough Breaks - in
May Contain Nuts (2020)

White Horse Inn (Mackay Community Theatre, 1973)
Wine, Women and Song (1999)
Wot’s Next? (1993)