Getting started


The group meets every Wednesday, from 6:30 to 7:30 at Kucom Theatre, 1 Snow Wright Court, Andergrove. Wednesday was chosen because during productions Tuesday, Thursday and Sundays are the traditional rehearsal days, and Saturday is often used for working bees. Wednesdays are the least affected by holidays in a term, and the later time should suit those who need to travel to get there.

Students should wear clothes that will allow them to move freely and participate in all activities.  Something similar to what is required for a sports uniform for school would be good.

Students must wear closed-in shoes.  This is just a safety precaution in case hazards might exist (the theatre will have many changes to the stage and audience set up through the year as productions bump in and out.  A routine check for any hazards left behind will be made at the start of any class when changes are noted).  Some activities will be done in socks or bare feet but only after we have declared the working space safe.

Students will require a notebook and writing instruments.  They will be asked to take notes of things they need to tell parents or topics they may be asked to research between classes.  They also will be given handouts from time to time that will need to be kept somewhere safe.  Any notebook or folder the student is comfortable working with will do.

Students will require a thick towel or yoga mat at least for the first 5 lessons.  We will be starting classes with relaxation activities, similar to what is done in yoga classes.  Relaxation is an important preparation ‘tool’ for an actor, can be used as an introduction to voice training, and is an excellent all round life skill.

Eisteddfod:  while the Drama Group is not specifically for training individual students to enter the Eisteddfod, in the second term each student will select individual poems and character pieces to help us work on voice control and characterisation.  The student and parent/guardian may want to use those items to enter the Eisteddfod and might have to do so during Term 2 when entries close.  We will be looking at a class group item for term 3 which we could enter in the Eisteddfod.

Eventually, students will require more ‘formal’ stage clothes when we put on performances.  They will be asked to participate in club nights and any other suitable opportunities that might come up through the year.  For the moment all they need is a black tee shirt, track pants or leotard, black socks and black slippers. These clothes are particularly suited to mime performances which we will be looking at in Term 1.  Anything more elaborate will be sorted out as we go along and will depend on the performance we are preparing for.

Lastly, we are re-starting Youth Theatre after a long absence and do not really have any specific resources for the class yet.  We will be asking around to see what items we can find and will have some early working bees to build some rostra blocks.  If you know of anyone who has:

  • offcuts of materials, particularly primary colours and bits of gold and silver (they can make excellent costumes in class improvisations)

  • various hats that might suit character improvisations

  • old toys that might be used as props during improvisations

we would appreciate anything you could provide.

Thank you

Joe Clutterbuck

Course Coordinator

Group Drama Class for students in years 7 - 12 (commenced 30 January 2019)

6:30 – 7:30pm at Kucom Theatre. Cost is $50 per term.
Contact us at for enrolment details.

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